Do you love your bike, your car, your hoverboard or your wheel shoes? Are you constantly thinking about how to get faster and more convenient from A to B? Do you love coding, little sleep and caffeine? Especially together?

Join us and 100 developers, designers and mobility enthusiasts to find new ways to combine mobility and tech in urban and rural areas worldwide. Presented by Hackerstolz, we aim to let your ideas take shape and help to transform them into first digital prototypes that will inspire the mobility industry - all at one weekend of fun, food and code lines at Spielfeld Digital Hub in Berlin, December 2-4.

Mobility{hacks} is open to all individual developers, designers and mobility enthusiasts as well as teams up to five members. All participants need to bring their own laptops and software tools and we will provide you with  food, snacks, beverage, table-top space, power and wifi. You will be given the chance to present your prototypes in front of an expert jury and win cash and other prizes.


You will get a 15 Euro refund if you attend the event!

Everyone can take part, but you must register on eventbrite .


Teams need to submit on Sunday:

  • A functioning software application (mobile/web), web service, hardware prototype (that is connected through a service). 
  • A description of the concept for the Judges
  • The Code in a public git repository – with this we are able to see if any commits have been made after submission deadline.
  • A well thought through 2 minute Live-presentation on stage

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$6,630 in prizes

1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


BVG Challenge

500€ Media-Saturn voucher

Europcar Challenge

UBEEQO and car rental vouchers for a convertible (cabrio) weekend rental, starting from Friday 12:00 until Monday 09:00, up to car category premium and is available until 31.12.2017 in all German Europcar stations (following the general terms and conditions).

ERGO Challenge


IBM Bluemix Challenge

Particle Maker Kits including
a 6 months Bluemix Code

Lufthansa Innovation Hub API Prize

Audience Award

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter


Ticket costs are EUR 20, HOWEVER, we will refund EUR 15 at the event registration. Attendees must bring their admission ticket (mobile or printed) and a photo ID for registration at the event. Note that all participants must compete on-site. Earliest date of registration by individuals and team members will be used to determine participation if the event is over-booked.

Travel Reimbursement

If you come from further away, we are very pleased to annouce that we have a Travel Reimbursement Budget. Fill out the following form and we will get back to you! 


Andreas Frank

Andreas Frank
Partner, Davidson Capital GmbH

Eberhard Wolff

Eberhard Wolff
Fellow at innoQ

Hauke Feldvoss

Hauke Feldvoss
CTO and co-founder, E-Mio

Michael Kollig

Michael Kollig
CIO, Theo Müller Group

Uwe Vock

Uwe Vock
Professor for Design, UdK

Judging Criteria

  • Overall (20%)
    Your overall opinion of the project, in every aspect important to you.
  • Innovation (20%)
    Ask yourself: Is this the future of mobility? And would you use this project? Has it a new value for its customers and can it stand the open market?
  • Theme (10%)
    This category represents how well the project conforms with the theme, if it has great and new value for mobility.
  • Design (10%)
    Form follows function, but the User Experience is important nevertheless.
  • Execution (20%)
    The reality check. Is this something working, something demonstrated live. How well did the team translate their idea into reality over the course of the hackathon? We will perform code audits to validate this.
  • Coolness (10%)
    How fun is this project? Is it just a new plugin for Excel or is it so charming you can’t stop using it?
  • Demonstration (10%)
    The pitch is the time to shine. Did the hackers convience you with their energy and did you get a clear picture of their vision? How good was their pitch, was it chaotic and did they mumble, or was it a great presentation?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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